What we offer

What we offer

We apply almost all methods of wound treatment, thereby working very closely with hospitals (wound specialists, surgeons, dermatologists and the nurses concerned), general practitioners and health care organisations.

The knowledge and experience we acquire are not only maintained, but are also continuously enhanced by means of taking national and international refresher courses on a regular basis, particularly organised for nurses and carers. As a result, we apply the latest techniques currently used in wound treatment. They are many and we are enabled to enlarge our knowledge base of various treatment methods and the principles of wound dressing, by means of attending congresses and training courses.

We therefore try to use the best wound materials and methods (per client) when treating someone.

We also give advice relating to wound treatments and are open for mutual consultation and/or evaluation with care providers and/or clients for:

  • transferring patients or;
  • providing joint care.

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