Good collaborative relationship for optimal results

We hold the opinion that a good collaborative relationship with health care providers eventually serves the interest of the patient. This leads to optimum results and it can even intensify the healing process. That is why it is important to us that we are open to contacts with other doctors, specialists, nurses, caregivers and all other disciplines, which are involved in the treatment of the patient. Healing Wounds and Tender Care follows this procedure to provide clear added value to home care.

Extensive collaboration

We have established cooperative relations with various home care organisations and colleagues in the districts of Utrecht and surroundings. We take our job very seriously and we carry out our activities in a professional manner. We are consistent in following the treatment plan, drawn up, prescribed and/or determined by the doctors/specialists. If something does not go according to plan, we always inform the doctors/specialists about this and we consult with them with the intention of drawing up a new treatment plan. This way, your treatment always remains up-to-date.

We keep innovate

Furthermore, we will continue to develop our professional expertise to provide you with the best care and treatment!