About us

Healing Wounds and Tender Care has been founded by Ronald Lau who has a background in general nursing. He has been a nurse since 1994. He comes from curaçao. One of the islands comprising the former Netherlands Antilles. He has worked as a general nurse in a general hospital between 1999 and 2002.

Healing Wounds and Tender Care consists of people who have a heart for caring and will do their utmost to provide you with the best care and treatment possible. We always try to achieve the best results for you.

We have an extensive experience in all areas of general nursing and care. We currently work in Utrecht and surroundings. Meanwhile, however, we also work together with contacts elsewhere in the country.

Since 2002, Healing Wounds and Tender Care is active in the Netherlands in the field of district nursing, delivering care and support in home care, in which we can perform almost any possible nursing procedure, treatment and any type of care. We have gained quite a lot of experience in the broad field of home care. In the past nine years, we have developed a clear affinity for wound healing and treatment.